EAP applicants:  Please indicate your county when calling or emailing us for help.

Energy Programs

The Energy Assistance Program is a federally funded grant designed to assist low-income families with the high cost of home energy.  It pays a benefit directly into the client’s utility account to help offset the higher cost of heat in the winter.  Under the State moratorium, once a person has been approved they are protected against disconnect until March 15 of the program year.  This applies to regulated utilities only.

To make an appointment for the Energy Assistance Program, please call your local ICAP office.  The program begins in November and continues through May of each year or until funding is depleted.

While EAP can help low-income families with a portion of their heating costs, funding is not available to pay entire heating costs for families. Each household is responsible for their own energy costs and should continue to pay as much as possible throughout the heating season.

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the available forms.

Household Size Last 3 Months Household Income Must NOT EXCEED
1 $7,438
2 $9,727
3 $12,016
4 $14,305
5 $16,594
6 $18,883
7 $19,312
8 $19,741
9 $20,171

“Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow.”