Child Safety Seat Inspections

ICAP is a Child Safety Seat Inspection Station. These are places where parents and caregivers can make an appointment to have their child safety seat inspected by a certified child passenger safety technician.

The certified child passenger safety technician will evaluate the way that the child is currently traveling; check the child’s current restraint for recalls, proper fit and proper installation.  The parent or caregiver is instructed on how to properly use and install the child restraint.  This is a free service and we encourage all parents and caregivers to schedule an appointment to visit one of approximately 103 Child Safety Seat Inspection Stations located across Indiana.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?
Your child, your child’s car seat, the car seat instruction manual, the vehicle that you most often travel in, and the vehicle owner’s manual.  If you have received a Project L.O.V.E. voucher, please bring that to your appointment also.

Can I get help installing my child’s car seat prior to the birth of my child?
Absolutely!  All that you need to do is to schedule an appointment at the nearest Child Safety Seat Inspection Station and remember to bring the car seat, the car seat instruction manual, the vehicle that you most often travel in, and the vehicle owner’s manual.

How long will my appointment take?
Appointment times vary; however we recommend that you plan on approximately 30-45 minutes per child.  A better estimate of time will be given to you when you schedule your appointment.

Is there a charge for this service?
There is no charge for this service; however, donations are accepted.

Will my child’s car seat be replaced if the child passenger safety technician determines that the car seat is not the correct seat for my child or is considered to be unsafe?
Most inspection stations receive funding to provide car seats to those children who qualify for financial need and do not have a car seat or are currently using a car seat that is unsafe.  However, funding is limited so there is no guarantee that a new car seat will be provided.  Proof of financial need is required (participation in Hoosier Healthwise or any other public assistance program).  A minimal donation may be requested if a new car seat is provided.

Please call 765-529-4403 for more information!

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