Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of Hancock, Henry and Rush Counties is committed to using the talents of people 55 years and older to help meet community needs. RSVP invites you to use your life experiences and skills to answer the call of your neighbors in need. When you volunteer with RSVP, you choose where, when and how much you serve. There are many diversified volunteering opportunities which include environmental focus, literacy focus, compassion and caring focus, housing focus and meal distribution. RSVP volunteers must be 55 years or older, willing to serve on a regular basis without compensation, and reside in the community.

The number of hours each volunteer serves will be recorded and given to the RSVP office. RSVP will invite volunteers to an annual recognition lunch and a Christmas open house as well as giving them support throughout the year.  Volunteers stay involved with others, enjoy making new social contacts, and know they are a part of the “Leading with Experience” program.

Are you interested in getting involved in this program?

Please call 765-529-4403 for more information and find a place to volunteer or check to see if you are already volunteering in an RSVP activity.

“Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow.”